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Massage Therapy

Our professional staff of New Hampshire state-licensed massage therapists are available daily to give free 15-minute chair massage sessions in a private room just behind the 3K reception desk at our Lebanon, NH, location. No appointment is necessary. This service is available for patients, family members, and friends when they are visiting Norris Cotton Cancer Center in Lebanon, NH.

Photo: Person receiving a hand massage When time allows, our therapists also visit with patients in the infusion room to give hand and foot massage to patients while they are receiving their chemotherapy infusions.

Each session is specifically tailored to the needs of the individual based upon a brief interview with the massage therapist. The massage chair is a piece of equipment that enables people to remain fully clothed and sitting upright during the session. There are special cushions available to ensure a comfortable experience for all, including people who have a chest port or other sensitive area.

Photo: Person receiving a chair massage Here are a few quotes from our feedback cards:

"As a cancer patient here for many years, I know I have tension, muscle cramps, and anxiety from the treatments and the chemo drugs. The massage unlocks all these tensions and makes the days here at DHMC a lot nicer.  Healing comes in many forms and this massage is an additional benefit. Thanks for offering this."

"What an amazing comfort for stressed-out caregivers. And free for a full 15 minutes. I'm here a lot with my husband who has stage IV terminal cancer and you are my heros. Thank you!!!"