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Irradiation Services & Equipment

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Cs-137 irradiator

  • cultured mammalian cells
  • establishment of feeder layers
  • patient tumor cells (clinical trials for tumor vaccine)
  • induction of DNA strand breaks
  • cell survival studies
  • whole animal immunosuppression studies
  • biomaterial sterilization

Clinical Irradiations (including future Proton irradiator):

  • normal tissue radiation tolerance and pathophysiology studies
  • spontaneous animal tumor studies
  • rodent tumor therapy studies
  • radiation physics /development studies (including phantoms studies)

The Resource currently operates a research dedicated experimental Cs137 irradiator and has dedicated research access to several clinical irradiators including; orthovoltage radiation, 6-18 MeV electron /gamma radiation, steriotactic RT and high dose rate brachytherapy. The 6-18 MeV linear accelerators, Iridium (HDR) after-loader and treatment planning are housed on Level 2 of the Rubin and Borwell Research Buildings at DHMC.

  • JL Shepherd Cesium (gamma) Irradiator
  • Pantak DXT 300 (multiple energy, 300 KV / orthovoltage x-irradiator)
  • 6-18 MeV Linear Accelerators (photons and electrons)
  • Ir-192 High Dose Rate After-Loader (HDR)
  • ADAC Pinnacle Radiation Treatment Planning System
  • Proton Irradiation Facility (under contract to be installed)
  • Charges for cell /animal irradiation (Cs irradiator): $18/15 min exposure.
  • Other charges are determined according to individual need and instrument availability.