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Shared Resources




All of the Shared Resources at Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth are billed through Cancer Center Core Operations, CCOPS. Departmental administrators, as representatives of the Principle Investigators, are responsible for managing the users accounts and approving the charges against their assigned accounts at the end of each month. Please note that all invoices must be in the approved status in order for them to be billed. Administrators for the Shared Resources have the ability to approve invoices for all PI accounts. If PIs/Administrators are not approving their orders the order will be billed to the account that the user chose.

Adding a new user to CCOPS is done by forwarding the following new user information: First Name, Last Name, Department, Email, Phone Number, Building and Room Numbers to Steve Bobin. Once a new person is added to the system they should be able to access the information required to allow them to spend on an account. To activate a user for a specific account see Add user ID(s) under To ADD new account strings.

How to log on to the billing system
  • Link: CCOPS
  • Login: Use your first initial and last name (all lowercase and all one word)
  • Password: temp (change this password as soon as possible)
  • Choose: Cancer Center Core Operations
  • PI Admin
  • Choose PI name
  • PI Setup
To ADD new account strings
  • Choose "NEW" tab (grey tab) in the blue box (not the "new" tab) on TOP of the blue box)
  • Enter account information:
  • Account* - Enter account string
  • Account Name - Account Name
  • Is Active - check box
  • Account Type - Choose GL or PTAEO
  • Add user ID(s) and check "is active"
  • Make sure your name is showing in the Administrator drop down box.
  • Click the UPDATE button
To make accounts INACTIVE
  • Uncheck the "Is Active" box
  • Click the UPDATE button
To REMOVE USERS from accounts
  • Uncheck the "Is Active" box to the right of the user's ID
  • Click the UPDATE button
To PRINT Invoices
  • Select PI Admin
  • Choose PI name
  • Select Order Summary Reports
  • Select All orders
  • Click on the OrderID link (blue)
  • File, Print
To APPROVE invoices for billing

PIs/Administrators receive monthly email reminders to approve invoices for billing.

  • Choose PI name
  • PI-Invoice Approval
  • All Orders-1
  • Change accounts, if needed
  • Click the "approve" button
How to edit an approved invoice
  • Change the status of the invoice to "PI Pending" by placing a checkmark in the box to its left.
  • Click the "suspend" button.
  • Make your change and then click "approve."