Click on any of the links below to download the PowerPoint presentations delivered by CTOP speakers.

Cherie Erkmen: "CTOP Retreat: Why Do We Do It? The Case Of The Lung Cancer Screening Program"

Suzanne Lenz/Wendy Oliver: "Implementing Lung Cancer Screening At DHMC"

Nancy Morden: "Implementing An Organization-Wide CT Lung Cancer Screening Program- A Primary Care"

Donna Dubuc, "All You Really Need To Know About Shared Decision Making, You Learned In Kindergarten"

Julianna Czum: "Lung-RADS"

William C. Black/Samir Soneji: "Cost-Effectiveness Of CT Screening In The National Lung Screening Trial" (PDF)

Jennifer Doherty: "Can Telomere Length And Methylation Patterns In Peripheral Blood Be Used For Risk Stratification For Lung Cancer Screening?"

Chris Amos: "Genomics Research And Applications To Lung Cancer Susceptibility And Management At DHMC"

Amar Das: "Population Science Using Big Data Informatics"

Evelyn Schlosser: "Advanced Directives And Quality Dashboard, Deriving Data From The Medical Record"

Chris Trimble: "Leading Innovation in Health Care Delivery"

Konstantine Dragnev: "Window of Opportunity, A Platform For Cancer Treatment"

Yoli Sanchez: "Synthetic Lethality: An Old Friend With A New Job. Finding The Achilles Heel of Cancer"

Ben Williams: "Direct And Repeated Clinical Measurement Of pO2 For Enhancing Cancer Therapy"

Elizabeth Maislen: "What's New In Smoking Cessation"

Alan Budney: "Double Trouble: Tobacco And Marijuana, Treatment Development"

James Sargent: "Could E-Cigarettes Lower Smoking-Related Disease Mortality?"

Jeff O'Brien: "Cancer Center Update"

Bob Gerlach: "Cancer Center Core Grant Planning And Developmental Funds: NCCC Designation Of Priorities And Funds To Purse Them"

David Nalepinski: "CTOP Finance And Operations Update"

Phil Schaner: "Pulmonary Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy: Current Implementation And Future Directions"

Peter DeLong: "New Diagnostic Techniques In Interventional Pulmonary Medicine"

Candice Black: "Lung Cancer Histologies- The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly"

Kristin Washburn: "Thoracic Epidural Analgesia"

Andrew Forauer: "Radiofrequency Ablation Of Lung Cancer"

James Rigas: "Molecular Testing And Targeted Therapies For Lung Cancer"

Laura Tafe: "Clinical Genotyping Of Lung Cancer In The Era Of Personalized Medicine"

Greg Tsongolis: "Molecular Testing Update"

Scott Gerber: "Phosphoproteomics In Cell Signaling And Cancer"

Stuart Gordon: "Endoscopic Management of Esophageal Neoplasia"

Mikhail Lisovsky: "When Does Barrett's Go From Dysplasia To Early Cancer?"

Cherie Erkmen: "A Clinical Pathway For Esophageal Cancer"

Konstantine Dragnev: "An Overview Of Esophageal Cancer"

Kacie Merchand: "New Frontiers: Nutrition And Esophageal Cancer"