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Affymetrix Arrays

GeneChip expression arrays enable researchers to simultaneously monitor genome-wide gene expression profiles. This global view helps scientists understand biological mechanisms of complex diseases and processes, and identify new drug targets in ways never before possible. Utilizing gene expression profiles as novel "biomarkers," for conditions such as cancer or lupus, scientists are able to more accurately classify disease, predict clinical progression, and determine likelihoods of treatment success.

The platform utilizes single use microarray chips with one-color (biotin-labeled) detection.

One-cycle (single amplification) Expression requires 5ug of total RNA at a concentration of at least 500ng/uL.

Two-cycle (double amplification) Expression requires at least 10ng in 3uL (50ng in at least 3uL is recommended).

All samples submitted for microarrays must first pass a Quality Check (nanodrop and Agilent Bioanalyzer) request in the DGML.

See price list for all the available platforms.

For more details about the Affymetrix platform, please visit their website.