How Your Support Helps

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Patient & Family Support Services

Funding from the Friends for these supportive services is allocated through the Executive Committee and implemented by the Patient Services Coordinator.

Examples of applied funding:

  • Support Services for patients and families includes massage, healing arts, and relaxation techniques offered to patients. In addition, cancer information is provided through educational seminars, two libraries, and through the Cancer Help Line.
  • Patient Navigator Program. Now embedded in the Manchester clinic through a 50-50 partnership with the American Cancer Society, this program helps patients, families, and caregivers navigate the many systems needed during the cancer journey. Trained Patient Navigators link those dealing with cancer to needed programs and resources.
  • Cancer Support Groups reach out to people with cancer and their families, both face-to-face and via phone, offering support to long-time survivors, caregivers, and newly diagnosed patients.

Visit the Support & Well-Being section for a full description of programs.