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Radiation therapy is one of the most common cancer treatments, used in more than half of all cancer cases. The quality of the North facility's radiation treatment stands apart from any other in the region.

Radiation Therapy

St. Johnsbury's sophisticated Linear Accelerator from Varian provides advanced on-board imaging (OBI) and therapeutic techniques such as respiratory gating, VMAT, IMRT, as well as conventional 3D conformal therapy. Experienced radiation therapists work with patients in an environment focused on superior patient care and comfort.


The infusion treatment area is where most chemotherapy patients spend the majority of their time. Chemotherapy is very individualized, and is prepared in-house by our pharmacist. The chemotherapy suite has six infusion stations with comfortable lounge chairs, television, and views of the beautiful Vermont landscape, and two private infusion rooms designed for patient comfort. Patients also receive treatment in partnership with local community hospitals.

Specialized Cancer Care

All treatment is closely monitored and overseen by a team of medical and radiation oncologists and nurses dedicated to personalized, friendly patient care.

Additionally we provide specialty care in familial cancer/cancer risk assessment and palliative care.