News Releases

Families Frequent Fast Food Chains When Kids Are Targeted by Ads
November 3rd, 2015

Researchers from Dartmouth/Norris Cotton Cancer Center found that a link between ads for kids' fast-food meals and the frequency with which families eat at fast-food restaurants.

Vitamin D, Calcium Intake Does Not Reduce Colorectal Polyps
October 15th, 2015

A large, randomized study at 11 U.S. hospitals including Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center found that vitamin D and calcium supplements fail to protect against developing colorectal cancer.

Higher Volume Mammography Facilities Better for Screening
October 7th, 2015

Women who visit mammography facilities with higher total interpretive volumes are more likely to benefit from screening.

Dartmouth Studies Shift in Assessing HER2 Status in Breast Cancer
September 15th, 2015

Accurately determining HER2 status in patients with breast cancer is a critical prognostic and predictive factor and identifies patients who may benefit from treatment with anti-HER2 therapies.

Variation in Expression of Imprinted Genes Explain Newborn Health
September 3rd, 2015

In the first and largest studies to examine subtle variation of imprinted gene expression and control, investigators report on a subgroup of imprinted genes expressed in the placenta.

Cancer Center Ranked High Performing by "US News & World Report"
August 27th, 2015

Dartmouth's Norris Cotton Cancer Center (NCCC) is the only cancer center in northern New England to be ranked as "high performing" by US News and World Report.

Novel Technique Makes Cytotoxic Molecules for Drug Development
August 25th, 2015

Dartmouth investigators developed a means to artificially synthesize a class of extremely cytotoxic compounds to combat cancer and disease.

Some Gene Chromosomes More Risk Associated with Disease
August 25th, 2015

A pair of genes located on a specific chromosome can be more frequently risk-associated with disease than protective.

Research Finds Telomere Length Predictive of Lung Adenocarcinoma
July 30th, 2015

The genetic risk score for long telomere length was associated with increased risk of lung adenocarcinoma, but not squamous cell lung cancer, prostate, breast, ovarian, or colorectal cancers.

Molecular Tumor Board Specifies Precision Medicine for Patients
July 28th, 2015

At Dartmouth’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center (NCCC), investigators have teamed up with oncologists to make genetic profiling of tumors clinically actionable.