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Prostate Cancer Treatment in New Hampshire Evolves with New Understanding, Technology
April 17, 2015

Lebanon, NH
There are signs of improved treatments for prostate cancer among New Hampshire men, according to a recent Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center study...Read more.

Research Finds No Correlation between Regulatory T Cells and Survival in Glioblastoma
April 16, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Using a novel methodology of epigenetic quantitative analysis, investigators found no correlation between regulatory T cells and survival in the tumor microenvironment or blood, even when adjusting for well-known prognostic factors. ..Read more.

Early Use of Palliative Care in Cancer Improves Patients' Lives, Outcomes for Caregivers
April 15, 2015

Lebanon, NH
A new randomized clinical trial notes significant improvement in several measures among those who began palliative care early...Read more.

Reconceptualizing Stress in Cancer Treatment
April 14, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Dartmouth investigators point to the shortcomings of using the word stress in a medical or scientific context and encourage bodymind therapies to treat trauma in patients with cancer...Read more.

Nanoparticles at Specific Temperature Stimulate Antitumor Response
April 13, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Dartmouth researchers identified the precise temperature that results in a distinct body-wide antitumor immune response that resists metastatic disease...Read more.

Specific Cells in Female Reproductive Tract Display Susceptibility to HIV Infection
April 09, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Dartmouth study finds some portions of the female reproductive tract are more likely to be infected by HIV, particularly the ectocervix compared to the endometrium...Read more.

Investigators Discover Mechanism Responsible for Tumor Invasion in Brain Cancer
April 08, 2015

Lebanon, NH
A neuro-oncology research team at Dartmouth's Norris Cotton Cancer Center recently identified the transcription factor Id4 as a suppressor of tumor cell invasion in glioblastoma...Read more.

Research Finds Cells Respond to Stress by Folding and Unfolding Their Genomes
April 07, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Uncovering cellular response to stress may provide leverage to determine how to trick undesirable cells, such as cancer or damaged cells, into dying instead of recovering from stress. ..Read more.

Dartmouth Investigators Identify Mechanism that Drives Melanoma to Metastasize
April 06, 2015

Lebanon, NH
The significance of this work is its descriptions of alternative mechanisms by which tumors move and settle in new locations...Read more.

Dartmouth Investigators Develop Antibacterial Enzymes to Combat Drug-Resistant Bacterial Pathogen...
April 02, 2015

Lebanon, NH
By engineering antibacterial enzymes, Dartmouth investigators led by Karl Griswold, PhD are using novel strategies to target the prevalent drug-resistant bacterium Staphylococcus aureus...Read more.

"Firefly" Mechanism Makes Cancer Studies More Efficient, Less Expensive
April 01, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Dartmouth investigators use bioluminescence to study response by multiple tumors to therapy...Read more.

Facilitated Intervention Can Improve Quality of Life for Breast Cancer Survivors
March 31, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Taking the focus off pain management and specific post-treatment symptoms, Norris Cotton Cancer Center researchers establish a new paradigm for working with breast cancer survivors...Read more.

Marketing of Energy Drinks Placed on TV Channels that Appeal to Teens
March 30, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Though the Academy of Pediatrics advises against the consumption of energy drinks by teens, research finds that manufacturers market the bulk of their products on TV channels that likely appeal to teens...Read more.

Norris Cotton Cancer Center at Dartmouth Redesignated As NCI "Comprehensive Cancer Center"
March 26, 2015

Lebanon, NH
The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has renewed its Cancer Center Support Grant to Norris Cotton Cancer Center (NCCC) at Dartmouth, continuing NCCC's designation as a Comprehensive Cancer Center...Read more.

Researchers Use Nanoparticles to Selectively Target Tumor Cells in Two Cancer Models
March 25, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Dartmouth team uses nanomaterials to pursue a systematic study of variables in xenograft models of both breast and ovarian human cancer...Read more.

Immunomagnetic Assay On-a-Chip Captures, Analyzes Circulating Tumor Cells
March 24, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Dartmouth bioengineers demonstrate a novel system that couples nano-engineered particles and microfluidic chips for capturing and manipulating circulating tumor cells...Read more.

Researchers Discover Mechanism to Control Multiple Processes of Cell Growth, Division
March 23, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Investigators from Dartmouth's Norris Cotton Cancer Center find that the protein Pom1 possesses the ability to modify different sets of proteins to coordinate the processes of cell growth and division...Read more.

Dartmouth Investigators Make Photodynamic Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer Simpler, Cheaper
March 20, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Research finds the values measured with dynamic contrast enhanced computer tomography strongly correlated with fluorescence intensity measured directly from the pancreatic tissue...Read more.

Two Distinct Populations of CD4 T Cells Play Different Roles in Immune System
March 19, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Utilizing a novel transgenic mouse model, Edward Usherwood, PhD of Dartmouth's Norris Cotton Cancer Center and collaborators found that CD4 T cells divide into two different populations that each has a different job. ..Read more.

mHealth App Ideal for Breast Cancer Risk Assessment, Prevention
March 18, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Elissa Ozanne, PhD from Dartmouth's Norris Cotton Cancer Center and colleagues concluded that mobile health devices are acceptable to older, diverse, and low income women...Read more.

Dartmouth Investigators Identify Window of Vulnerability for STIs to Infect Human Female Reproduc...
March 16, 2015

Lebanon, NH
The benefits of these findings are directly applicable to other reproductive challenges including gynecological cancers such as cervical cancer...Read more.

Fast Food Commercials to Kids 'Deceptive' by Industry Self-Regulation Standards
March 05, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Fast food ads aimed at kids fail to de-emphasize toy premiums, and fail to emphasize healthy menu items, investigators at Dartmouth-Hitchcock's Norris Cotton Cancer Center have found...Read more.

U.S. Spends More on Cancer Care, Saves Fewer Lives than Western Europe
March 02, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Such findings have raised questions about the additional value of U.S. cancer care derived from the additional spending, in comparison to the situation in other high-income countries...Read more.

Cherenkov Effect Improves Radiation Therapy for Patients with Cancer
February 25, 2015

Lebanon, NH
The complex parts of the blue light known as the Cherenkov Effect can be measured and used in dosimetry to make therapies safer and more effective. ..Read more.

Dartmouth Investigators Discover Key Indicator for Successful Treatment of Infertile Couples
February 20, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Study determines if follicle stimulating hormone and estrogen at the upper limits of normal could predict treatment success as measured in live birth rates. ..Read more.

Google-style Ranking Used to Describe Gene Connectivity
February 13, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Using the technique known as "Gene Rank" (GR), Eugene Demidenko, PhD, captured a new characterization of gene connectivity by using a computer algorithm to compare tissues across or within organisms at great speed with a simple laptop computer...Read more.

Investigators at Dartmouth Identify Key Pathways Underlying Different Subsets of Systemic Scleros...
February 10, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Sorting out patients with systemic sclerosis (SSc) according to their shared biology, researchers discovered how disease heterogeneity can be defined, allowing for targeted selection of patients for clinical trials...Read more.

Dartmouth Physician-Scientists Examine Efficacy of Radiation Therapy in 'Good-Risk' DCIS Patients...
February 09, 2015

Lebanon, NH
A collaborative national clinical trials group discovered that radiation therapy in addition to chemotherapy was even more effective at preventing recurrence of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) than previously thought...Read more.

Dartmouth Investigators Push for Substantive Study of Body-Mind Therapy Approaches
February 04, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Dartmouth investigators note the lack of hypothesized scientific models for the mechanisms of action responsible for outcomes in Somatic Experiencing(SE) trauma therapy and other body-mind therapies. ..Read more.

Dartmouth Investigators Develop Groundbreaking Technique to Measure Oxygen in Deep-Sited Tumor an...
February 04, 2015

Lebanon, NH
A novel Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) oximetry technique will help clinicians directly measure oxygen and schedule treatments at times of high oxygen levels in cancer and stroke patients to improve outcomes, The EPR team at Dartmouth's Geisel School of Medicine has found...Read more.

Dartmouth Researchers Reprogram Tumor's Cells to Attack Itself
February 03, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Inserting a specific strain of bacteria into the microenvironment of aggressive ovarian cancer transforms the behavior of tumor cells from suppression to immunostimulation, researchers at Norris Cotton Cancer Center and the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth have found...Read more.

Dartmouth Cancer Investigators Help National Cancer Institute Present Statistics in More Understa...
February 03, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Three papers in the survival monograph published by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, co-authored by Dartmouth's Norris Cotton Cancer Center investigators Steven Woloshin, MD, MS, and Lisa Schwartz, MD, MS, aim to help doctors, patients, and policymakers better understand cancer prognosis and survival...Read more.

Dartmouth Researchers Discover New Mechanism of Acquired Resistance to Breast Cancer Drugs
February 02, 2015

Lebanon, NH
In the search for new approaches to treat ERBB2 positive breast cancers that have become drug-resistant, Dartmouth investigator Manabu Kurokawa, PhD, led a team in discovery of a novel cancer resistance mechanism...Read more.

Dartmouth Investigators Conduct Systematic Testing of Deimmunized Biotherapeutic Agents
January 28, 2015

Lebanon, NH
By establishing protein design algorithms that simultaneously optimize drug candidates for both decreased immunogenic epitope content and high level stability and activity, researchers have established a novel testing platform..Read more.

Cherenkov Emissions Provide Dartmouth Investigators Real-Time Tool for Quality Assurance in Radia...
January 23, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Using a simple camera and water tank, investigators demonstrated that induced Cherenkov light can be imaged and used to confirm that the complex spatial dose distribution imparted in dynamic treatment plans is being delivered correctly...Read more.

Noisy Data Facilitates Dartmouth Researcher's Investigation of Breast Cancer Gene Expression
January 22, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Researchers report on the use of denoising autoencoders (DAs) to effectively extract key biological principles from gene expression data and summarize them into constructed features with convenient properties...Read more.

Research Led by Dartmouth Finds Eribulin Effective in Metastatic Breast Cancer
January 21, 2015

Lebanon, NH
While not superior to capecitabine, eribulin is an active and well-tolerated therapy in women with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) receiving this therapy as a first, second, or third line chemotherapy regimen..Read more.

TV Alcohol Ads Associated with Drinking Behavior in Young People
January 19, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Alcohol advertising on television is associated with drinking behavior in youth according to a study by researchers at NCCC and CHaD...Read more.

Electronic Medical Record Provides Dartmouth-Hitchcock Pathologists Powerful Tool to Push Best Pr...
January 15, 2015

Lebanon, NH
By implementing a "best practice alert" function in the electronic medical record, pathologists at Dartmouth-Hitchcock significantly reduced physicians' orders for two-unit transfusions for non-bleeding patients..Read more.

Dartmouth CAR Cell Therapy Moves to Clinical Trial
January 14, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Cancer fighting chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells are taking the next step into a Phase I clinical trial beginning early in 2015...Read more.

Community-Wide Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Programs Associated with Reductions in Hospitali...
January 13, 2015

Lebanon, NH
In a rural Maine county, sustained, community-wide programs targeting cardiovascular risk factors and behavior changes were associated with reductions in hospitalization and death rates over a 40-year period (1970-2010) compared with the rest of the state...Read more.

In Head and Neck Cancer, Surgeons Need Solid Answers About Tumor Recurrence
January 08, 2015

Lebanon, NH
Pathologists at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center's Norris Cotton Cancer Center developed a new use for an old test to determine if a patient's cancer is recurring, or if the biopsy shows benign inflammation of mucosal tissues...Read more.

Dartmouth Develops Prognostic Test for E2F4 in Breast Cancer That Will Be Valuable in Other Cance...
January 07, 2015

Lebanon, NH
By looking at the expression levels of downstream genes of the regulators in breast cancer, Dartmouth investigators, have identified a gene signature in E2F4 that is predictive of estrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer...Read more.

Dartmouth Researchers Develop Mouse Cell Line to Fast-Track Research in BRAF Melanoma
January 06, 2015

Lebanon, NH
By developing cell lines that grow readily in culture, investigators have created a fast-track research tool that remains applicable to many scientists who use mouse melanoma as a model system. ..Read more.

E-Cigarettes May Recruit Lower Risk Teens to Nicotine Use
December 15, 2014

Lebanon, NH
Researchers at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center and University of Hawaii Cancer Center find that one-third of Hawaiian adolescents have tried e-cigarettes, half of whom have never used another tobacco product...Read more.

Cancer Therapy Using Specialized Apheresis Holds Great Promise
December 11, 2014

Lebanon, NH
Apheresis, the simple process of drawing blood, becomes a powerful therapeutic in extracorporeal photopherisis (ECP) according to clinicians and scientists who met at the NIH State of the Science Symposium in Therapeutic Apheresis...Read more.

Low Income Kids Eat More Fruits and Vegetables When They are in School
December 11, 2014

Lebanon, NH
The fruits and vegetables provided at school deliver an important dietary boost to low income adolescents, according to Meghan Longacre, PhD and Madeline Dalton, PhD of Dartmouth Hitchcock's Norris Cotton Cancer Center and The Hood Center for Children and Families...Read more.

Women with Dense Breasts Will Have to Look Beyond Ultrasound for Useful Supplemental Breast Cance...
December 09, 2014

Lebanon, NH
Supplemental ultrasound screening for all U.S. women with dense breasts would substantially increase healthcare costs with little improvement in overall health, according to senior author Anna Tosteson, ScD, at Dartmouth Hitchcock's Norris Cotton Cancer Center and The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. ..Read more.

Hookah Smoking Increases Risk of Subsequent Cigarette Smoking Among Adolescents and Young Adults
December 08, 2014

Lebanon, NH
A team of researchers at Dartmouth College and University of Pittsburgh found respondents who had smoked water pipe tobacco but not smoked cigarettes were at increased risk of cigarette smoking two years later as recently published online in JAMA Pediatrics. ..Read more.

New Imaging Technique Identifies Receptors for Targeted Cancer Therapy
November 14, 2014

Lebanon, NH
Dartmouth researchers have developed a fluorescence imaging technique that can more accurately identify receptors for targeted cancer therapies without a tissue biopsy. ..Read more.

Lung Cancer Screening with Low-Dose CT Could Be Cost Effective According to Dartmouth Study
November 10, 2014

Lebanon, NH
This relatively new screening test uses annual low-dose CT scans to spot lung tumors early in individuals facing the highest risks of lung cancer due to age and smoking history...Read more.

Dartmouth Researchers Help Develop Better, Safer Way to Detect Cancer in Lymph Nodes
October 27, 2014

Lebanon, NH
The team presents a new and improved method of noninvasive molecular imaging using a "dual-tracer" technique that corrects the problem of nonspecific uptake of imaging tracers that has made previous attempts at this approach clinically ineffective...Read more.

Dartmouth Study Measures Breast Cancer Tumor Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
October 23, 2014

Lebanon, NH
A Dartmouth study suggests that it may be possible to use Diffuse Optical Spectroscopic Tomographic imaging (DOST) to predict which patients will best respond to chemotherapy used to shrink breast cancer tumors before surgery...Read more.

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