If You Are A Cancer Survivor, Tell Us What You Need!

Cancer Survivor Needs Assessment Survey Launched

July 15, 2009

The National Cancer Institute defines a cancer survivor as anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer; or anyone who has cared for someone with cancer. Over 6,000 New Hampshire residents were diagnosed with cancer from 1999-2003. Given that 65% of these people will survive five years beyond diagnosis, thousands of New Hampshire cancer patients, families, and caregivers can benefit from cancer survivor services.

New Hampshire has a Comprehensive Cancer Plan that seeks to improve the lives of cancer survivors by reducing the many challenges they face. Therefore, Norris Cotton Cancer Center is joining other communities around the state in conducting a confidential, web-based Cancer Survivor Needs Assessment Survey, to ask cancer survivors about what supports they need in order to survive and thrive. This project will help make quality cancer survivor care open and within reach to all New Hampshire residents. The four-month project will take place in ten cancer clinics across the state, and will be open through both the New Hampshire Comprehensive Cancer Coalition and the Coalition for Cancer Survivors web sites.

Cancer patients and those who care for them are able to complete the survey if they are:

  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Diagnosed with any kind of cancer and/or have cared for someone with cancer.
  • Able to read and write English; if unable to read and write English, a professional interpreter can be arranged through a local hospital or clinic to help complete the survey.
  • Willing to do the survey using the Internet either on their own or with help.

This project is being funded by Dartmouth's Center for Clinical Translational Science.