ACS Institutional Research Grants Awarded

Five investigators have received grants to pursue cancer research projects through funds awarded to Norris Cotton Cancer Center from the American Cancer Society. Institutional Research Grants are awarded to junior faculty who have never received funding from a major national funding agency, such as NIH, ACS, VA, or DOD. The grant is meant to be seed money for the development of pilot data to facilitate competition for national research grants. Recipients of the ACS grants are Tracy Onega, PhD, for the influence of place of service on treatment and outcomes for African American and Caucasian patients; Wen-Shu Wu, PhD, of the Maine Medical Center for the slug's role in breast cancer metastasis; Margaret Crane-Godreau, PhD, for gene expression in cigarette smoke-exposed mice; Jiang Gui, PhD, for detecting gene-gene interaction in bladder cancer; and Karen Liby, PhD, for new drugs and drug combinations for the prevention of pancreatic cancer.

Ethan Dmitrovsky Named ACS Clinical Research Professor
Dmitrovsky Photo

Ethan Dmitrovsky, MD
Photo: Joseph Mehling

Ethan Dmitrovsky, MD, the Andrew Wallace Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology, professor of medicine at Dartmouth Medical School, and co-director of the Cancer Epidemiology and Chemoprevention Research Program at Norris Cotton Cancer Center, has been named a Clinical Research Professor by the American Cancer Society. This honor, only awarded to two or three people each year, is the ACS's leading grant award, and it recognizes a researcher's contributions to science and to patient care, and supports their work in mentoring future generations of researchers. Click here to read more.